ITR Filing Penalty After Due Date: Late fee for delayed filing of income tax return, last date, fees and more

ITR Filing 2024: Penalty amount for filing income tax return after due date will be imposed. Taxpayers need to be alert as the deadline to file ITR is approaching fast.

Date: 18/07/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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ITR Filing: Risks of sharing your sensitive financial details with an income tax filer

It is crucial to remember that your financial information holds significant value, encompassing all your investments and earnings for the year. Here are several important considerations to bear in mind before disclosing your ITR details.

Date: 17/07/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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Union Budget 2024: Why Standard Deduction limit needs to be increased to Rs 100,000!

The existing standard deduction of Rs 50,000 is considered inadequate to address the rising expenses linked to the increased cost of living and, therefore, it is imperative to raise the limit of this deduction.

Date: 15/07/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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Attention Taxpayers! Income Tax Department warns against false claims in income tax returns

The Income Tax Department has issued a strong advisory to taxpayers, advising them against submitting income tax returns with inaccurate claims for exemptions and deductions.

Date: 06/07/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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Best practices to keep your money safe from fraudsters

Regularly monitoring your financial records and staying alert for any suspicious activities is crucial for early fraud detection.

Date: 04/07/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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How to file ITR online – Steps for e-filing income tax return

In order to file a tax return online, you can access the new income tax portal logging in with PAN-based credentials and following certain steps that simplify tax filing process.

Date: 02/07/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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National Insurance Awareness Day 2024: Date, History, Significance, and Events

National Insurance Awareness Day 2024: The event is set to be observed on 28 June, this year.

Date: 27/06/2024 / Source: The Quint
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6 Major Benefits Of Health Insurance Policy in 2024

Our health deserves centre stage more than ever. As medical bills skyrocket and unexpected health crises loom, having a health insurance policy acts as a reliable safety net. It ensures you can access necessary care without fretting over finances. Understand six significant perks of having a health insurance policy in 2024.

Date: 26/06/2024 / Source:
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Income Tax Return: How to choose correct ITR form for tax filing

There are 7 ITR forms the Income Tax Department has notified, and often, taxpayers get confused which ITR form is applicable to them.

Date: 25/06/2024 / Source: Financial Express
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